12 Places in Egypt That You Need To Visit

3. Aswan
After a mind-blowing experience of visiting that museum, you’re going to want to find a place to chill out for a bit. May we suggest a nice, quiet city along the banks of the River Nile? Yes, we can! Drink tea till your heart’s content while you take in the views such as the exquisite-looking orange dunes. If you think you can get away with it, steal a camel and ride it to the desert monastery of St. Simeon. Catch a ferry and make your way to Elephantine Island and hang out with the non-existent elephants (So what’s up with the name then? Simple. From the sky the island looks like an elephant’s tusk).

4. Abu Simbel
You know the place even if you weren’t aware of it. Here’s a clue: this is where you can find the Great Temple of Ramses II. The huge statues guarding the temple are pretty impressive. But we’ll share with you a fact that is really nuts. Back in the 1960s the temple was in danger of being swallowed up by the water because of the Aswan Dam. UNESCO managed to move the entirety of Abu freggin’ Simbel to a safer place. This massive undertaking took more than four years.