12 Places in Egypt That You Need To Visit

5. St. Catherine’s Monastery
If historical religious sites float your boat, you could certainly do worse than St. Catherine’s Monastery. You’ll find some incredible religious iconography, art, manuscripts and the like.
Located along the foot of Mount Sinai, this is where Moses supposedly received the Ten Commandments. So if you’ve ever wondered why you can’t just walk up to a person and steal their plate of delicious chocolate chip cookies, you know who to blame.

6. Abydos Temple
In an alternative universe where the Abydos Temple didn’t exist (or had been built in, like, Keokuk, Iowa instead or whatever), the dusty town of Abydos would be just that: a dusty town that nobody would ever visit. Unless they have some kind of weird medical condition in which they must breathe in dust in order to survive, in which case I suppose they would visit Abydos. Anyway, the town’s Temple of Osiris is every bit as cool as Luxor, but with fewer tourists. After all, we know how much you dislike like tourists, right tourists?