Top 10 largest cars in the world

10. Mountain harvester Bagger 288

To place such equipment will require an area equal to 2 football fields. The harvester is equipped with 12 tracks that allow it to travel at a speed of 0.5 km / h. The main purpose of the equipment is the laying of pipelines and trenches. The Bagger 288 mining harvester has the following characteristics:
the length reaches 240 m;
the equipment has a height of 96 m;
vehicle width is 40 m.
In the process of work, the combine consumes an enormous amount of energy. It would be more than enough to illuminate a small town. The monster appeared in 1978 and was intended for the Rheinbraun mining company. Despite its impressive size, the technique is capable of moving at a speed of 500 meters per hour. Machine weight reaches 13,500 tons. The design process for Bagger 288 took about 5 years. The design development cost the manufacturing company $ 100 million.