7 Countries That Are Super Difficult To Visit

1. Saudi Arabia
Remember how back in the day Saudi Arabia would issue zero tourist visas to non-Muslims? Those were the Dark times… oh wait, it’s still the case? Well, yes and no. Saudi Arabia started letting tourists in only in 2018, and to get a visa you’re gonna be jumping through a lot of hoops. For example, women are not allowed to enter the country without their men, or a travel agency guide, and if your passport has a stamp that says you visited Israel, let’s just say you better count your blessings and run.

2. Eritrea
You won’t find this African country in the top 10 most visited tourist spots on the planet, that’s for sure. Getting into Eritrea could easily be the plot point of the next Mission Impossible movie, where Ethan would just keep getting declined for the visa over and over again for no apparent reason (apparently, they don’t need an actual reason to cut you loose). Unless you’re a reporter, what would you be doing in a police state anyway?