Extraordinary Beauty of The Lost Gardens of Heligan

You can take a virtual tour at before you get on the plane, eventually.

The Kitchen Garden, walled flower Garden, and Melon Yard all showcase exotic plants that usually live far from the United Kingdom, but you can also find the classic Victorian crop rotation.

If romance is your thing, take a look through the Pleasure Grounds, which have been established a 200-year old center of romance thanks to its structures, all linked by historic pathways. A famous member of the Norther Gardens is the Witches’ Broom, which is a massive and ancient Douglas Fir tree, with a large growth that resembles a broom of a witch.

If butterflies and bees make you soon, take a look at The Sundial Garden, filled with heritage blooms and calming works of art. Apart from these gardens, there is the working Heligan Estate, filled with hay meadows and ancient pastures that you’ve only dreamed of.