Top 10 DIY Scalp Scrubs

No matter what season, we all build up gunk in our scalps. We exfoliate our skin and our lips – why should our scalps be any different? Product build-up, dandruff, dead skin cells and the weather can all contribute to a scalp that deserves a makeover. Scrubbing your scalp can unclog pores and promote healthy future growth. Keep hair glossy as ever and within budget with our favorite DIY scalp scrubs.

1. Aloe vera scrub

2 tbsp aloe vera + 1 tbsp sugar

Aloe is always a lifesaver in terms of moisturizing during exfoliation. The grains of sugar (unrefined brown is best for all recipes) act as the exfoliator. This recipe is also ideal for adding volume to thin hair, or for treating a scalp that won;’t stop itching. Apply on a damp scalp after mixing well, massage, and rinse.

2. Coffee scrub

1/4 cup used coffee grounds + 2 tbsp olive oil

After making your fresh cup of Joe in the morning, save the grounds and blend well with olive oil. This will make your hair grow faster, and the caffeine will really invigorate your scalp in a similar way that mint can. Scrub gently on and rinse off, following up with shampoo.