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Top 7 Most Mind-Boggling Swimming Pools in the World

1. The largest swimming pool
The largest pool in the world, more than a thousand meters long, is located just a few kilometers from the Pacific Ocean. This is San Alfonso del Mar, in the Algarrobo resort. A logical question arises: why would you choose a big expensive pool over the vast and free ocean? The coast of Chile is quite cold and infested with sharks, so tourists would rather pay more than getting eaten alive. It’s basically a hure artificial lagoon with crystal-clear water. Fun fact, it requires $4 million a year to maintain this beast.

2. The most picturesque pool
Exotic tropical gardens, untamed, wild jungle, an ancient Buddhist temple, – all this you can see with your own eyes while swimming in the two-level pool of the Ubud Hanging Gardens Hotel on the island of Bali. The hotel consists of 38 villas, each with its own swimming pool, but the shared panoramic pool is still the most picturesque and quite popular among the tourists.

3. The longest rooftop pool
Many world-renowned hotels have rooftop hotels, and the longest one of them all is located in Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands Sky Park Hotel. 200 meters above the ground level, this 150-meter-long infinity pool will make you crap your trunks if you’re afraid of heights.

4. The deepest pool
“Y-40”, the so-called deepest pool in the world, was built by Emanuele Boaretto and is located in Italy. This name is symbolic: the letter “Y” is the designation of the coordinate axis, and “40” is the maximum depth of the pool. For fans of deep diving, there are special ledges and caves at intermediate depths.

5. The coolest cave pool
Contrary to our beliefs, caves are not always dark, damp, and cold. In one of the natural volcanic caves on the Greek island of Santorini, there is a pool that gets a lot of sunlight during the day. Add the soothing white walls of the cave to that, and you’ll get yourself a super relaxing effect.

6. The most futuristic pool
Soaking in the pool is nice not only when it’s hot outside. In the thermal baths of the Austrian hotel Aqua Dome, you can swim outdoors all year round, even when it’s snowing. The water temperature here is a steady 34-36 °C. As an added bunus, the futuristic shape of these pools resembles alien spaceships.

7. The infinite pool
The Rangali Island Hotel infinity pool in the Maldives starts at the shore of the island and seems to be endless, going far beyond the horizon, so smoothly it merges with the Indian Ocean. While swimming in it, you’ll have the feeling as if you are swimming in the ocean but without aby fish around.