Top 10 fastest motorcycles in the world


10. Ducati 900SS (221 km / h)

For the first time, this Italian speed monster was presented to the public back in 1988, and it was produced unchanged until 2003. The abbreviation of two letters S stands for “super sport”, which perfectly characterizes this motorcycle as a high-speed one. The Ducati 900SS has been designed with two goals in mind: to create a lightweight design with a narrow chassis while maintaining ease of handling. As you can conclude from the above, they managed to realize these goals completely successfully, and this model developed a speed of up to 221 kilometers per hour during tests, which allowed this motorcycle to easily bypass many world competitors from various manufacturers.
The engine type of this fast beast is two-valve, four-stroke. The engine has an excellent air cooling system, and its working volume is estimated at 904 cubic meters. cm. With this volume, the motorcycle has 80 “horses” of engine power and has a fairly quick acceleration. However, the above parameters did not allow her to bypass the next participant in our selection.