Extraordinary Beauty of The Lost Gardens of Heligan

Visitors can soak in the massive camellias and rhododendrons that overlook a series of century old lakes and different gardens. One favorite is known as “The Jungle” and is a wild area made up of subtropical tree ferns that you’ll want to get lost in forever. This area has a Jungle Rope Bridge that will transport you to a tropical wonderland – Costa Rica perhaps?

For those who are used to the dreary weather of the United Kingdom, you can escape to the only outdoor Jungle in the whole land. The views and structures of the garden were thoughtfully created so that you barely have to use your imagination at all. Walk through a tunnel of towering bamboo as the land becomes your muse.

And this garden isn’t just for looks – it’s a fully functioning veggie and fruit garden that offers fresh produce for sale. That is way better than a trip to the farmer’s market, in our opinion.

There’s a dreamy pineapple pit in this 200 acre area, which is a method of growing pineapples in colder climate. Not too many of these exist in the UK anymore.