They did not wait for certification: famous women who were the first to invite men to marry them

Traditionally, it is believed that the man should be the first to testify, and the woman should respond with consent or refusal. However, famous celebrities dispel this stereotype.
Many famous women did not wait for the moment when their lover would confess. They took matters into their own hands and offered to marry him.

Pink and Carey Hart

The performer began dating a professional racing driver in the early 2000s. Carey Hart twice declared his love. However, the singer was in no hurry to get married and refused her husband twice. But in 2005, everything changed radically. The performer realized that she was ready for marriage, and she herself declared her boyfriend. During the motocross race, she held up a poster with the inscription: “Will you marry me?”. On the other side was the inscription: “I’m not kidding!”. In the end, Carey agreed. The couple got married on January 7, 2006 in Costa Rica.